Growth - Chemical Vapour Deposition

MBE Information

Located: TAB 110
Contact: Jack Wojcik (x23342)

The CEDT operates two plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) systems for the deposition of silicon-based thin films and other functionally doped dielectric layers. Films produced by our CVD group are tailored to meet highly specific optical, mechanical, and electrical requirements. Applications include anti-reflection coatings, optical amplification media, and electrical contact and diffusion barrier layers.

CVD plasma generation is achieved via electron cylclotron resonance in the case of one system (ECR-CVD) and inductive coupling in the case of the second system (ICP-CVD). The ECR and ICP capabilities offer significant advantages and improvemnt in film quality when compared with conventional CVD techniques. Each CVD is also equipped with in-situ ellipsometry for monitoring the thickness and refractive index of films during the growth process.