Growth - Molecular Beam Epitaxy

MBE Information

Located: TAB 110
Contact: Shahram Tavakoli (x24057)

Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy (GSMBE) is a technique used to grow high purity, fine structure, crystalline materials. Since the founding of the CEDT in 1987, the Centre's GSMBE program, specializing in III-V semiconductor systems, has played a core role in the successful development of spin-off photonic and optoelectronic initiatives.

The recent commissioning of a new GSMBE system has permitted the decommissioning of the Centre's original MBE system. The CEDT's material capability, previously limited to more traditional InGaAsPN compounds, has been vastly broadened by the new machine to include AlGaInNPAsSb containing compounds. Quantum structures as fine as 10 angstroms in the growth direction are easily produced. Many new research opportunities are anticipated. These include optoelectronic devices with a much broader wavelength range, as well as long wavelength devices for biophotonic applications.