Processing - Annealing

RTA for group IV
semiconductor annealing.

The CEDT operates a variety of rapid thermal annealing furnaces and tube furnaces. The systems are useful in the study of diffusion and defect analysis in semiconductor materials, as well as for growing oxide film layers.

Rapid Thermal Annealing

The CEDT operates two Qualiflow Jipelec Jetfirst 100 rapid thermal annealing (RTA) furnaces. One is specific to III-V materials systems and the other is suitable for silicon-based materials.

Tube Furnaces

The CEDT operates a number of tube furnaces for annealing various systems. Each system can be purged with oxygen, nitrogen, or argon.

A Lindberg Blue furnace is available for LiNbO3 materials.

A Lindberg and a Thermodyne 21100 are available for silicon-based material systems.

A Thermodyne 21100 is available for silicon-germanium materials.