About the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies

The McMaster University Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices (CEMD) was founded in 1987. The Centre's mandate was to foster collaboration between faculty from different disciplines with an interest in photonic and electronic materials and devices. It earned its reputation as a pre-eminent research centre from its demonstrated ability to grow high quality, complex quantum well structures, and to fabricate state-of-the-art optoelectronic devices from these compound semiconductor structures.

CEMD logo prior to changing our name to CEDT.

Since 1987, the Centre has grown significantly. Though its focus is still on photonic and electronic materials and devices, the implementation of that mandate has broadened dramatically. The range of the Centre's research initiatives now also extends to optical-based sensors, communications for computing, and technology broadly related to human health. The interdisciplinary research environment at McMaster University has nurtured a truly interdisciplinary approach to photonics research.

In 2005 the Centre's name was changed to the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT) in order to better reflect the increasingly diverse range of research interests in which its members now specialize. The principal goal of current Director, Dr. Rafael Kleiman, is the continued expansion of the CEDT's facilities and the enhancement of the diversity of the Centre's photonics-related research. The Centre hopes to attract many new users and partners from within and outside McMaster University, who bring with them new research directions, approaches, and applications.

CEDT Historical Highlights


  • Founding of Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices (CEMD)
  • Dr. D.A. Thompson appointed founding Director
  • Planning of JHE Annexe
  • Announcement of Ontario Centres of Excellence


  • NSERC/BNR Chair established (J. Simmons hired)


  • Announcement of National Centres of Excellence
  • Formation of CITR


  • CEMD occupies JHE Annexe
  • URIF funding
  • Hosted 1st Graduate Student Optoelectronics Conference


  • Second 5 years of OCMR funding


  • Ontario/Rhone-Alpes International Collaboration


  • 2nd Graduate Student Optoelectronics Conference (at UBC)


  • Ontario/Singapore International Collaboration
  • ORDCF funding (Laser Centre)
  • First NSERC MFA award
  • CFI Advanced Materials ($2.8 million toward MBE and CVD programs)
  • OIT matching funds


  • Hosted 3rd Graduate Student Optoelectronics Conference
  • CFI Communications Technology Research Centre


  • Second NSERC MFA award
  • ORDCF funding (establishment of the Ontario Photonics Consortium)


  • New 5000 sqft building completed (Tandem Accelerator Building Annexe, TAB)


  • Dr. Rafael Kleiman appointed new CEDT director


  • CEMD changes name to Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT) to reflect Centre's expanding diversification