Message from the Director

Dr. R. Kleiman, CEDT Director

The CEMD has a new name! We have decided to change our name to the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT). While the CEMD name has served us well for 18 years, we feel that it is now appropriate to have a name that encompasses the broader range of activities already taking place in our centre. "Emerging Devices" is an expression commonly used today to describe devices of all types that are off or beyond the Silicon roadmap (including microfluidics, MEMS, organic semiconductors, Lithium Niobate...). I think that this concept captures much of our present activity and the future activity that I envision at McMaster.

This is a time of significant growth, change, and opportunity for our centre. We are both a community with shared research interests and a user group for our shared facilities. I am convinced that a centralized materials growth, device fabrication and characterization facility is the most successful, efficient, and viable operating model for our University. For this reason, I think it is important that we adapt our facilities to the needs of our changing and growing user base. We are currently applying for new infrastructure to help us move in a flexible way in a variety of new research directions, not coincidentally, with the theme of emerging device technologies.

McMaster University prides itself, and rightly so, on the interdisciplinary nature of its research activities. In this spirit, I would like to you to embrace the CEDT as an interdisciplinary community of researchers with a shared interest in new materials, fabrication techniques, and devices. While based in the Faculty of Engineering, the CEDT serves McMaster University as a whole, and is an open facility to researchers in Canadian universities. Please join us as members (at no cost), attend our seminars, and use our facilities. Please spread the word to your colleagues, at McMaster and elsewhere, that we are here for them and "open for business".

Finally I would like to thank our staff, who continue to keep our facilities operating, training our students, and giving important guidance to all of us.

Rafael Kleiman