CEDT Research Staff

George Chiran, Research Engineer
M.Sc. (l987) from University of Bucharest, Ph.D. in Engineering Physics (1993) from the Vienna University of Technology. George served as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Optoelectronics in Bucharest and as an Engineering Manager, Laser Applications Specialist and Opto-mechanical Engineer at several companies in Canada. He is currently responsible for the supervision, operation and maintenance of the Laboratory for Advanced Photovoltaic Research - Optical Characterization with the CEDT. His activity is focused on establishment of new methods of characterization of ultra-high efficiency and cost-effective photovoltaic materials and devices necessary for the development of the solar energy industry.
Doris V. Stevanovic, Research Engineer
B.Sc in Physics (1978) and M.Eng. in Engineering Physics (1983) from McMaster University. Doris has been working at McMaster since 1980, initially as a research assistant in the former Tandem Accelerator Lab. Doris' current responsibilities include the establishment and maintenance of processing techniques for a variety of optoelectronic devices, as well as providing technical support to users of the CEDT Clean Room Facility. She also participates in training of students and researchers in Clean Room protocol and safe and proper use of equipment.
Shahram Tavakoli, Research Engineer
B.Sc. from Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. After working on non-destructive inspection of welded joints, he moved to Gwang-Ju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea where he worked on his Masters on shallow heavy-ion implanted junctions in Silicon for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors. He then moved to McMaster University where he worked on metamorphic pseudo-substrates on GaAs wafers and the evolution of InAs quantum dots on these substrates. During his Ph.D., he worked with x-ray and electron diffraction and electron imaging. He currently grows crystalline III-V compound materials with molecular beam epitaxial machine.